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SoloGram operates mainly in new media branding, user interface design and graphics design.
Everything SoloGram does for you is backed up by a flexible support & maintenance service
  • Game Interface

    Near 10 years in the hardest digital business of them all, and still standing tall. Now with 14 solid AAA releases under my belt, and more to come. I do menu design, menu flow, asset design and marketing snippets. Anything 2D and I'm your Huckleberry!

  • Digital Design

    Colors, textures, shapes and vision, any and all things Photoshop, this is  Sologram's bread and butter. From web sites to flyer, from car liveries to application interfaces, from games to coffee mugs. All need that little bit of extra to stand out, that's where I come in and make a difference.

  • Web Design

    Sologram has been in web design since the dawn of the media and delivers handcrafted design on a solid and well tested code base. From personal sites to complex medium size corporate solutions.

  • Social Media & Community building

    Being open to all the new social networks is not enough, you have to know how to create interest and loyalty. I advise on strategy and implement the solutions that fit your needs.

  • Creative Writing

    I write marketing texts, press releases and even product manuals. Have a message but can't put it in words? Come see me... I write mostly in English but obviously also cover my native Danish language.

  • Support & Maintenance

    SoloGram offers a support solution to fit your need with little administrative fuzz and high dependability for you. For the long haul, set up a monthly maintenance plan. Then lean back and let SoloGram handle all aspects of your website, newsletter etc.

SoloGram has created digital design for over 2 decades, so naturally the portfolio will only show a small selection of recent works. Dive in and see if the visuals lives up to all the talk

DTM Experience 2014


RaceRoom Racing v 2.0


RaceRoom Racing v 1.0

Audi R8 Game UI


RaceRoom web portal 1.0


RACE Injection

SimBin Studios AB

Unique Invest & Finance

STCC 2 – Game

DTM Experience 2013

Driver’s Emporium

GTR Evolution

STCC – The Game

Academic Presentations


Race 07


Fictional logowork

The Archive

Junior Chamber


Clients and references
A selection of satisfied clients, from multinational companies to small artisan operations. 
Who is SoloGram
SoloGram is a one man business and I spread pretty wide, from communications and strategy to digital design and branding. When I hit a task too big or complex to be handled alone, I am backed by professional freelancers ranging from PHP coders to translators, freestyle artists and info-architects to step up. We will get the job done!

Mikkel Gram-Hansen

Founder & Owner

I work mainly in Photoshop to create digital design of all types and on all scales.
I enjoy creative writing and have a knack for content organizing & flow.

Specialties: UI/UX design, visuals, communications and community building.


Whether you know precisely what end result you aim for, or you just have a vague notion of what the outcome should be, we’ll start at the beginning and take it step by step. 
    You may know what you want, but I need to know as well. Obvious really, but an important part of the process. We do not start until I know I can provide the result you need
    Your text, design, website or brand is developed following the needs assessment and draft phase. This ensures no work is wasted and you get the result you really need
  • 2: Mockup & drafting
    Digital design, branding, creative writing or web development, all processes start with a series of rough sketches and drafts, these are iterated until approved by you.
    When the job is delivered, we first do a thorough post process to ensure you got what you expected and only then final signing off is done
I do a wide variety of projects at a wide variety of price points, but the following is a good baseline indication. Extensive support & maintenance options are available, just ask!



per hour

    • Stock standard by the hour pricing. What I do, I do well and I do quick. I’m not super cheap and I’m not overly expensive, the price is right! 





per hour

    • Pre-purchase 25+ hours and I’ll throw in a near 25% discount.
      Your purchase voucher is valid for 1 year and can be used in chunks of down to half an hour at the time.





per hour

    • By pre-purchasing 100 hours you will receive a whopping 40% discount, valid for 2 years!
      You are the boss… for a pretty long stretch of time at least.





your call

    • In some cases I will take on projects at a fixed price, usually with a 50% payment up front and 50% on final delivery. Inquire for further info.



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