In it for the long haul!


SoloGram worked with the bright upstart company Guideally for 18 months to help kickstart their growth. Vivid orange used in large solid chunks with a dash of dusty green for contrast gave the brand a contemporary and very visible identity.
Guideally ended up being accepted by a major accelerator program in Texas. Job well done!

– SoloGram created a complete corporate identity from scratch
– SoloGram was responsible for all design aspects of the dynamic and feature rich website, from early beta to final product.
– SoloGram created Infographics and presentation material as well as various marketing assets.
– SoloGram also participated in both content creation, strategy, branding and creative writing.



  • Client : Guideally
  • Date : November 17, 2014
  • Tags : BRANDING, WEB