RaceRoom Racing v 1.0

A landmark project 


This one was a big step up in technology and structure from any previous games SoloGram had been involved in. Based on a Scaleform menu system and with a very ambitious interface model modeled over the navigational unit found in expensive cars like top of the range BMW. The menu concept, design and implementation took well over a year of full time work, but it was well worth the effort. It gave a fresh angle on how to do a racing game menu and raised a lot of eyebrows when unveiled at the game launch.

– SoloGram created and refined the visual style from the initial idea of a navigation orb as the central element.
– SoloGram worked in close tandem with the game development staff over an extended period, to conceptualize and create the hundreds of elements contained in the menu.
– SoloGram created dozens of publisher presentations and showcases through the development

– SoloGram may have rested after completing this one, but it sure wasn’t on the 7th day!


  • Client : SimBin Studios & RaceRoom AG
  • Date : November 10, 2011