RACE Injection

The end of an era


The final cornerstone in the RACE series wall of fame was the 2010 release “RACE Injection” which collected all material from all previous RACE Games and added a whole heap of new content to boot. On top of that a new menu skin was designed and of course a new set of release marketing assets. RACE Injection went on to win awards and it was a very fitting last chapter to a fantastic game franchise.

For the UI, the story was the same as for RACE ON, make it look fresh and completely different.. but don’t change a thing in the concept or layout. Job done once again.. the final time using old technology before SimBin Studios (& SoloGram) moved on to a much more contemporary game engine and menu tech.

– SoloGram designed the game box for public retail.
– SoloGram created marketing and presentation material.
– SoloGram created all UI material for the game.

– SoloGram continued to maintain the large scale community/fanbase migrating from the previous RACE series titles.


  • Client : SimBin Studios
  • Date : October 11, 2010