RaceRoom web portal 1.0

Codename "Mother"


Swedish Game developers SimBin Studios made a massive change in business strategy by basing all future development efforts on a central online portal.
SoloGram was brought in as the project manager on the multi-million Euro project of creating this portal, and also functioned as lead designer, content creator and online strategy adviser.

Quite the mouthful for this one man band, with tasks spanning from European market legalities to hiring web managers, from setting up an ambitious shop solution to pushing the new brand into the public’s eye.

Through a hectic period of nearly 18 months the project was taken from inception to a successful launch, a milestone for SoloGram.
From a purely visual point of view, the main feature of the portal and all marketing elements is the vivid toned blue background, everything else sprang from that one element…. and I still like it, even after a few years has passed
This project is tightly connected with the massive Free to Play racing game “RaceRoom Racing Experience” v 1.0 and v 2.0 where SoloGram handled all game user interface design and creation.


– SoloGram was project manager, artist, UI designer, content creator, strategic advisor and much much more on this behemoth of a job.


  • Client : SimBin Studios & RaceRoom Entertainment
  • Date : December 6, 2012