Communication is more than just typewriting…

– If know what to say, but not how.
– If you know you should say something, but not what.

SoloGram has a well established record in writing marketing copy, press releases and general content for websites and brochures.
I am proficient in both Danish and English.

There is a very fine line between pushing out tired marketing gabble filled with nothing but buzzwords and writing proper engaging text that will draw your readers in and convey your message in an efficient way.
All serious creation of text begins with an understanding of the message you need to communicate and the target audience you wish to engage, so before I fire up the keyboard we sit down and have a meeting to nail down the required output.

In many cases you already have your basic texts written up and ready to go public, but you need a second opinion or an experienced eye on the matter before you commit. SoloGram comes in handy here, I’ll read your material and give comments based in my understanding of the media and the market. If your channel of communication, or your intended audience, is not within my area of expertise, I will of course let you know and refer you to a better suited contractor if possible.
Contact me if you need text written or feeback on your own material.