Responsive, SEO optimized websites

– Your website purpose built for display on both PC, tab and mobile. Yes of course!
– Your site optimized for Google and easy for YOU to update if you want to. Yes!

SoloGram can help you from inception to launch. I’ll help crystallize your vision, formulate the project and see it through right to the end. The web solutions applied are usually based on the WordPress platform, giving you a high degree of artistic freedom as well as seamless integration to shop modules and much much more. For most small and mid-sized companies in need of a new site, using the tried and tested WordPress array of modules and plugin enables high creativity, high adaptability with low cost and low risk of unforeseen expenses or delays. An added benefit is that basing your site on a common platform means you are not locked to SoloGram for eternity. For larger or very specialized projects, contact me and we’ll find the solution that suits you.

Often your customer’s first experience of your company is through your website, you need to make it count. I create beautiful engaging experiences for your customers. An experience that tells your story whilst gently leading them through the information they need in order to make them your customer.

I do this by researching your users before prototyping the website, working through the content hierarchy with you to define how the content should be structured and intertwine this with the most enjoyable user experience.