Customer loyalty and advanced branding

– If “social networking” and “community grooming” sound Greek to you.
– When you have followers/customers and want to keep them

Navigating the potentially rough seas of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social channels is best done with a seasoned guide at hand. By embracing these new channels of direct communication with your customers, fans or followers you stand to gain significant brand loyalty, brand awareness and in the end more sales… but it only takes one mis-step to turn this fairy tale into a PR nightmare and even gaining any traction at all is hard work.

Scores of likes and re-tweets don’t just appear out of thin air, it requires a good product, a focused strategy and informed decisions.  SoloGram has the knowledge to make your decisions informed, and the overview to combine your social networking efforts to achieve most bang for your buck.

Community building and community managing is the dark art of using group psychology theory (and experience) to plot the best course of action in cases where you have a large body of fans, followers or customers.
The most usual case would be in the gaming culture where your game may have an official forum combined with your official social channels. Any forum moderator will know the basic issue in play; How to keep a friendly tone that is beneficial to your product and which acts as a magnet to new users.

SoloGram has near 10 years of experience from running a 100.000+ user online gaming centered forum. I have been in the wars, taken my scars and learned lessons that mean your game succeed in achieving critical community mass.