Handcrafted design straight to your monitor

– 20 years of experience using Photoshop to make visuals, complex or simple.
– A well based understanding of the many digital media forms,
and how to make your product shine on each.

Digtial design is an umbrella term for more or less anything created to be shown primarily on a screen.
From web pages to online marketing, from online brochures to desktop wallpapers.

SoloGram is highly experienced in using Adobe Photoshop and has a proven track history for delivering that WOW factor you need.
Design can be a time consuming process, but through experience and a large library of basic tool & templates,
I can deliver quick high quality results.

Vector type assets can be created through Adobe Illustrator, but the majority of the work passing this desk is bitmap.
If you have no clue what that all means, don’t worry. Because I do, and I will go with the path that makes sense to your project.