Award winning interface design

Experience in working within the game development culture.
– A proven track history with games not only designed, but delivered!

Designing user interfaces for award wining racing games has been the main staple of SoloGram for the past years. The interface is basically the menu, all that stuff you click through to get to the actual gameplay. If it is done well you might not even really notice it, because it simply works well and gets you through the options and into the game seamlessly. The visual game design of course also adds to the overall experience, but it should never weigh looks over functionality. It’s a tough line to walk, make it spectacular but keep it transparent and user-friendly.

I draw on my background as an avid gamer along with my understanding of usability to create immersive menu shells for your game. From the initial welcome screen, through the ingame HUD overlays and to the link to web, marketing and more. Several of the games SoloGram worked on has won multiple industry awards and are considered AAA level games.

SoloGram has done a series of game interfaces using old school tech, delivering assets in TGA format for programmers to take it the final stretch. Lately all jobs have been deliveries to Scaleform menu systems where I work closely with the Flash programmer to establish visuals, transitions, effects and pixel perfect positioning. In short I adapt well and I can deliver in whatever format is needed for your game.

In usual settings I get flowcharts from the game designer and then visualize through mockups how the menu flow could look. From there I take it through refinement and finally deliver assets for implementation and a cycle of further refinements and tweaks. Good games have good interfaces, and a good interface is a hard thing to come by!